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We provide opportunities for the invitation of leading researchers from inside/outside Japan, conduct research & development on pharmaceuticals with companies in Toyama and focus on world-class research and development taking advantage of the strength (formulation/DDS) of the pharmaceutical industry in Toyama and the excellent research results of researchers (immunology).

<To all pharmaceutical companies>
Please feel free to contact us as there are themes you can participate in at any time.
We also accept proposals for joint research themes from universities.

Main Research Topics

rad_img02.jpg・Development of novel formulation technologies, including nanoliposomal formulations
・Creation of new therapeutic drugs through indication expansion of existing drugs
・Establishment of new small/large molecule drug formulation
・Development of a next generation influenza vaccine with intranasal delivery
・Research on the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases by regulating immunometabolism
・Analysis of pharmacological mechanisms using proteome analysis and developing effective evaluating methods ,etc.