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jinza_img02.jpgToyama Pharmaceutical Association, a member of the consortium, provides students with the opportunity to experience the actual work of a pharmaceutical company and to learn about the various fields in which they can play an active role, so as to expand their options in the future. We also established a new portal site with information on internships offered by pharmaceutical companies in Toyama Prefecture, aiming to be the first contact point between you and the companies!
 We hope that this portal will help you to find your longing internships and have a better view about the future through a variety of experiences.
 In addition, the internship courses will be updated and added at any time based on companies' schedule.


Toyama Pharmaceutical Association

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Summer School


Since 2018, we have been opening a "Summer School" for students in Tokyo during each summer vacation, which includes lectures and practical training on cutting-edge research and development, as well as internships at pharmaceutical companies in Toyama Prefecture. By offering attractive courses exclusive to Toyama, we aim to nurture and provide excellent specialists who will support "the capital of pharmaceuticals Toyama".


In 2020, due to COVID-19, these will be held via live broadcast to prevent face-to-face contact!

University of Toyama : Drug Discovery/Formulation Course(JPN)

Toyama Prefectural University : Biopharmaceutical Course



University of Toyama : Drug Discovery/Formulation Course (JPN)


Toyama Prefectural University : Biopharmaceutical Course(JPN)

Biopharma Specialist Development Program


 In order to improve technological capabilities and nurture specialists who can support the manufacturing and quality control of biopharmaceuticals in the promising fields in the future, we will give lectures related to manufacturing processes, quality control, GMP, approval applications and other laws and regulations related to biopharmaceuticals, aiming to nurture and provide excellent specialists who will support "the capital of pharmaceuticals Toyama".


Training for biopharmaceutical specialists(JPN)